Spectre/Meltdown Security Notification

  • Friday, 5th January, 2018
  • 18:27pm
A critical security flaw affecting multiple vendor's microprocessors (CPU) has been gaining traction in security research circles over the past week.

Our engineers have also been testing available operating system patches to ensure necessary upgrades proceed smoothly.

The vulnerability affects a wide range of micro processors and multiple layers of our service platform.

The current patch to mitigate these issue's will require a multiple rebooting of your services as it will impact the following infastructure of our hosting platform.
Hardware/Firmware Patching (All Systems)
Hypervisor (Virtual Private Servers)
Kernal (All Systems)
Operating System (All Systems)

Once our team begins scheduling reboots, you will receive advance e-mail notification for any affected instances with a scheduled date and time. While reboots may cause a few minutes of downtime during the restart window, this will be a necessary step to ensure that your hosted environment remains secure.

The details of the security vulnerabilities have been disclosed in December 2017




We expect to our entire infastructure update by the 15th January 2017.

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